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Summer, Summer Summertime!

Summer, Summer Summertime!


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Summer, Summer Summertime! What are we going to do with Tina, Rajah, and Madison? The mounting cost and expense of summertime with kids never end.

As most parents, as those last few weeks of school, begin to draw near, we tend to get excited about all the fun activities with the kids since we don’t have to abide by schools’ strict schedule. At the height of this summertime enthusiasm, all of a sudden, a large pin of reality penetrates and pops the balloons of excitement. We begin to wonder in between all of the activities, and when all of the vacations are done, what the hell are we going to do to keep these kids occupied and safe. WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO WITH THES CHILDREN, SO THEY DONT SUFFER FROM BOREDATION?

Many things questions begin to fill our thoughts, like who has the cleanest and budget-friendly summer camp? Do we have it in our budget to handle these summer camp or after school programs? If you have older kids, what about their safety while at home? Will they succumb to the addiction to social media and video games only to become zombies and overload their Ventral Tegmental Area of the brain (VTA). Time has changed since we were kids now, you have the video games, the tablet it’s the phones. Kids now come out of the womb, quickly learning how to navigate Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram. What can we do to ensure that children don’t become connected to these vices and devices all summer?

We were comfortable with the pre-summer vacation task. No matter what, we all have to work every day. Before the last day dismissals, as a parent, you tend to get comfortable with the day-to-day school year task, drop the kids off for school, come home from work, cook dinner, and repeat.

That’s the vast majority of Americans, especially single parents, don’t have the luxury to take off of work, most likely due to using vacation time to cover doctor appointments and a sick child. Those who fit this category have to resourceful and get creative.

Growing up, due to lack of funds, most of my summers weren’t spent at home, no internet, video games, and what was social media? We did a lot of activities amongst ourselves and kids in the neighborhood. With all of our creative minds put together, we always seem to find something to keep ourselves busy and entertained during the summer. BOY, DID WE GET IN QUITE A BIT OF TROUBLE. Those memories, so good, some bad, will have a lasting effect on our memories for decades to come.

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